Ichi (2008) อิชิ ดาบเด็ดเดี่ยว

Ichi Ichi, the goze blind woman, is traveling Japan to find her mentor, Zatoichi.

A traveler named samurai Toma Yamahira meets her and informs her that the samurai saved her from bandits. In reality, Ichi was the one who killed the bandits. They travel to the Shirakawa family, who are plagued with the Banki-to mercenaries. Banki is the head of this group. He is a wicked man, adept at sword fighting, but has facial disfigurement. Kotaro is a child who lives in the house of his drunken father befriends Ichi.

After Ichi assists Toma to win cash from Cho-han, they are immediately followed by five Bankito who demand Toma’s money. Toma does not want to fight and is then ordered to use his sword to defend himself. The group are defeated by Ichi. The son of the Shirakawa leader, Toraji, arrives after the fight , and is convinced that it was Toma who killed the men and makes Toma his personal bodyguard. Kotaro is able to convince Ichi and his father to keep his place in the belief that Zatoichi (the blind swordmaster) will pass through. Toma confesses that despite the fact that his fighting skills are impressive, but he’s not able to draw his sword because of guilt over blinding his mother in an accident.

The Bankito plan their revenge. They kill the head of the Shirakawa. Toma is unable to defend herself and is struck unconscious. Ichi admits that she was the one who was responsible for the death of the previous men and after displaying her skills, the second-in-command of the Bankito is convinced and takes her to the mountains to meet the leader of the group, Banki. She kills two Bankito who were skeptical of her skills and Banki fights her, eventually defeating her. Banki informs Ichi, as he lies wounded, that he had been her teacher. They had fought, however, Zatoichi would be killed in battle due to a rapidly acting disease. She was then taken to an open pit and then left to die. When she is unconscious, Ichi drops the bell she was handed by Zatoichi. Ichi HD

The backstory of Ichi is then revealed. She was born blind. As a young girl, Zatoichi rescued her and placed her with a group of goze who gave Ichi an unassuming bell to remember him by. Zatoichi came to her every time she got older, and secretly taught her the techniques of fighting that Zatoichi had mastered. Ichi was gorgeous, talented, and skilled sword-fighter in her youth. After one of her performance she was sexually assaulted by one of the patrons. Goze were forbidden to wed and were obliged to remain celibate, so she was later removed from the Goze family and even though it broke other members their hearts. She pleaded with the man who had raped and sexually assaulted her to talk to her in order to enable her return to the group. However, he laughed at her and attempted to attack her once more. She was able draw the sword was hidden inside her cane, and killed him. Ichi then travelled Japan to look for Zatoichi whom she believed was her father. This was how she came across Toma.

Due to his deceit, Toma is attacked but Toraji counters the attackers and says that they require Toma to take on the Bankito. Toma Kotaro’s father, who has been reformed is taken to the Bankito hideout along with Kotaro and rescues Ichi. Banki promises revenge. Ichi who was recovering from her injuries told Ichi that she was looking for Zatoichi in order to meet him before she commits suicide. Toma manages to convince her to abandon the idea. Then, while she’s recovering from her injuries, Toma takes her away to assist the Shirakawa fight the Bankito. Kotaro tells Ichi about the fight that is taking place in the town when she wakes up.

The Bankito outnumber the Shirakawa by 2 to 1. Toma cannot draw his sword. Banki demands Toma to stand up to take on Banki. Toma agrees. He forgets his guilt and draws his sword. They fight , and Toma shows everyone else that he is able to draw a sword. Toma strikes a fatal blow on Banki, but Banki also inflicts the fatal blow. Toma is killed in the arms of Ichi and advises her to not give up hope. When Toma dies Banki attempts to attack Ichi but she is able to stop him and eventually eliminates the clan’s leader, his horribly scarred face exposed. The remaining Bankito members fled in fear for their life.

In the next scene, we see Toraji re-building the town of his Yakuza clan and then taking over as its leader. Ichi performs the Toma’s favorite song, and is seen with Kotaro on his grave. With the intention of bringing Toma’s katana to his mother’s grave, she wishes her friend Kotaro farewell and give him the bell of her choice as a keepsake (the same gift that Zatoichi gave her when she was younger). After saying that Kotaro was correct, she left to go in her direction.